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Sticky notes for PC

Sticky notes for PC offer you an easy way to keep all information you have to remember on the PC desktop. It is a great tool to organize information or just write down ideas and thoughts using PC free sticky notes. That way important information will never be lost.

You can create, edit and print PC sticky notes using different fonts and colors; easily export and import sticky notes database; accelerate your work using hotkeys and protect PC sticky notes from casual editing or deleting using lock command.

Various PC sticky notes settings including default settings can be modified to your preference. All PC sticky notes changes are saved automatically.

Ability to create PC sticky notes with different priorities, hide sticky notes or place them on the desktop, hide note's body and use transparency effect allows organize your desktop the way you want it.
Sticky notes and reminder software for Windows.

Sticky notes software for Windows. Multifunctional PC sticky notes software with strong information encryption. Perfect for making quick reminders.

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Friday, July 21, 2017