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Sticky notes program

Sticky notes customization

The appearance of sticky notes is highly customizable. You can:
• change size using zoom commands or manually;
• vary the degree of sticky note transparency from 0% to 100%;
• change title appearance (background color, font, font size, font color);
• customize note's body (background color, font, font size, font color)

To customize a sticky note, right-click on the note and select the necessary item from the context menu.

The position of every sticky note on the screen is changeable. You can drag-and-drop your notes anywhere you want in your desktop. Sticky notes will not clutter your desktop and disturb your work as you can: change notes size, create sticky notes with different priorities (high, normal,low), show/hide the certain sticky note, show all notes/hide all notes.

Sticky notes program for Windows

Each sticky note has a predefined size, appearance and title. Default settings for title and body can be modified independently of one another. To access default settings, select Properties|Default settings in the Free Sticky Notes tray menu.

Default title properties: font color, background color, font.
Default body properties: font color, background color, font.
Default note properties: size, priority, transparency, auto lock.
If "Auto Lock" option is on, sticky notes will be automatically locked after the set period of time.

Send sticky notes

You can send sticky notes to your friends or colleagues, select the sticky note you want to send and select "Send note" from the menu.

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