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Free desktop notes for Windows offer you an easy way to keep all your thoughts, quick notes, web links, addresses, phone numbers, and other information in one place. Whether you need to create a todo list, plan daily tasks or organize recipes, free desktop notes provide you with everything you need.

Using free desktop notes you can:
create desktop sticky notes to keep all necessary information at your fingertips
efficiently organize sticky notes on your desktop to save time and increase productivity
some programs allow you to send desktop sticky notes over a local network or the Internet
customize and format desktop notes any way you need
print sticky notes in case you need to take them with you
organize sticky notes on the desktop the way you want.

Desktop sticky notes let you organize information in groups that prevents cluttering on the desktop and allows you to access any group of notes quickly and easily.

If a desktop notes program supports hotkeys, you can accelerate your work using the necessary hotkey combination.
You can arrange sticky notes on your desktop with one simple click.

Notes appearance is customizable - you can change different notes' settings such as color, size and transparency as well as format information the way you need

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